Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Agnihotra Farming - Is it the future?


 The State Agriculture University in Himachal Pradesh is experimenting with a concept based on Vedic rituals to boost yield. “The 15 hectares of land within the University campus where the technique of ‘Homa Agnihotra Farming’ is under experiment for over two years is yielding good results,” said Director of Research Chaudhary Sarwan.

In this organic technique of environment-friendly farming, use of fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides is avoided. Plantation of crops is done keeping in mind the religious calendar, or panchangam. About a dozen scientists gather at the farm before sunrise and sunset everyday and chant mantras and perform puja for healthy growth of plants. According to Atul, the initial results have been encouraging as it kills harmful insects and plants are disease-free.

In 2006, the state government asked the Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) to study the effect of Vedic mantras and rituals on agriculture and granted US$200,000.

The technique is gaining ground outside the University as well as many farmers in Baldul panchayat area are experimenting with the technique under the supervision of University scientists.

Source: Zee News

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